10 Best Tips To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

With all the happiness that comes with a baby, as a mother, you may have a lot to care of before things get back to your pre-pregnancy state. This includes getting rid of the gained baby weight. At this stage, it is advisable that you wait for a while before regaining your pre-pregnancy body shape. Your body needs time to recover after giving birth and usually between six to eight weeks after having your baby. Your doctor will have given you hope that the pregnancy weight will eventually shed off in a couple of months after giving birth. But then you realize something’s not right, it is even getting worse or chronic. Don’t worry, there is a way out. Here are ten tips that will help you smile againpostpregnancyweightloss

Eat healthily

Eat a lot of fruits and starchy foods. This is important in helping you lose the excess weight and also in giving your newborn a lease of good health. Make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Eat starchy foods such as bread and fiber rich foods such as grains, beans, oats and lentils.

Exercise is inevitable

Yes, exercising is vital for you to regain your body shape. It comes as an overwhelming surprise for many moms, who simply ignore the role that exercising plays. Doing simple exercises will make all the difference. This includes walking in your neighborhood and going further every day. This helps burn the calories, up to 150 calories.

Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding burns about 600 to 800 calories a day. This is enough to help you lose the excess baby weight.

Take part in weight training

Postnatal fitness requires weight training. This however does not really require you to hit the gym. Your baby can help you in weight training by holding it on your chest and doing lunges or even lifting the baby upwards while you lie on your back.

Do not deprive yourself of sleep

As a mom, it is sometimes difficult to find any sleep. But it has been proven that plenty of sleep will help with weight loss especially because it helps you monitor you cravings. It is also during sleep that your body is able to gain energy.

Lack of sleep causes metabolism disorders.Ana_4monthsCrop

Avoid diets

Avoid diets immediately after giving birth. The body needs its own mechanism to recover.

Check on your snacks

Avoid sugary snacks which may instigate a rise in blood-sugar levels. To do this, only eat high fiber snacks like whole-wheat crackers and raisins.fastscorerefill

Eat a light breakfast

This is important to help you keep check of the excess fat. Do not indulge in heavy breakfasts which will accelerate weight gain.

Set weight loss goal

You need to set a target and a deadline to help you stay focused on losing the excess baby weight. This includes an exercise routine such as morning runs or evening walks. Make the process gradual and eventually the excess weight will come off.buynow-orange


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