4 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for weight loss – Infographic

Excess weight has become a major concern to those striving to lose the excess pounds. This is regardless of the budgets that they place for going through the numerous diet plans and supplements. Most diets and supplements for weight loss will make you lose weight by making use of the excess fat found in your body. The results have been remarkable. However, most people who have lost weight with homeopathy have had the most reliable way of losing weight. This is because homeopathy is a highly reliable solution for weight loss which stimulates your body’s metabolism to naturally burn more fat.nux-vomica

Weight loss through homeopathy involves the uses of homeopathic medicines such as Calcarea Carbonica, Natrum Mur, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica and Antimonium Crudum. The use of these medicines however does not exempt you from exercise or controlling your diet. It is vital that you exercise regularly and also monitor your diet by taking Low-Carb diets in order to accentuate the weight loss.

Calcarea Carbonica
This natural homeopathic medicine is given when there is excess weight in the abdomen and the metabolism rate is very slow resulting in weight gain. It is applicable to patients who are very obese and who according to constitutional symptoms, experience excessive perspiration normally on the forehead. Other indicators which mark obese patients requiring Calcerea Carbonica include high cravings for boiled eggs and unusual objects such as pen and chalk. It is also used for patients whose excess weight is caused by thyroid problems.fastscorerefill

Natrum Mur

This homeopathic medicine is recommended to patients who have excess fat especially in the thighs and buttocks compared to the rest of the body. One of the main causes of weight gain in this case is because of continued stress and depression by a person. The stress and depression makes one to eat more and more therefore leading to weight gain. This excess weight is safely eliminated by use of homeopathy remedy, Natrum Mur. buynow-orange

Nux Vomica

This medicine is used to treat excess weight caused by a person’s inactivity or lack of exercise therefore resulting in weight gain. A person requiring Nux Vomica suffers from chronic constipation which is very obstinate and prolonged. Other symptoms include deep craving for spicy foods, fatty foods and a liking for stimulant drinks such as coffee and alcoholic drinks. People requiring this medicine have a tendency to pass stool and when they do, they only eject small amounts of stool. Another symptom indicating a need for this medicine is intolerance to cold air. Emotional signals such as quick tempers and sensitivity also indicate that a person needs Nux Vomica.



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