Did You Order Hucog HCG, But Get Something Else?

If You Have Recently Ordered Hucog High Purity HCG You May Want To Read This!

So once again Suzy is doing the HCG Diet to lose a little more weight. This time, as she has done every other time, she ordered Hucog High Purity HCG … So she thought!

When she was placing her order she was 100% sure that she clicked on Hucog – But when it arrived the label said something completely different … It read ZY-HCG.Hucog

Now my opinion is that most HCG is created equal, remember, I said most. However, 3 days into the diet Suzy is completely drained of energy and starving.

The question is, does she feel this way because she knows it’s not the brand she normally uses, or is it because it really is low quality HCG?

We all know that with any diet, including the HCG Diet, a big part of it is psychological – But after doing the diet a few different times you’d think she’d know her own body by now, and she does. On the other hand it could simply be a bad batch of HCG, that can and does happen. The good news is she ordered more than one vial – And the chances of them all being bad are slim to none; if that is in fact the case.

But after making a phone call we were told that Hucog is no longer available through their company – However, they assured us that the brand they had sent us was just as good. Hmmm.


Furthermore, they said that they would be happy to give us a full refund. Still, they should have just sent us what we ordered in the first place, and if they couldn’t we should have been asked if we would like to try they’re substitute brand.

In case you were wondering, the reason I am not naming this company specifically is because I don’t want to try to put anyone out of business and they have been great in the past! Plus, this could happen with any company.buynow-orange


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