Lose Belly Fat and Love Handles with 15 to 30 Days of HCG Diet

The diet is pretty easy to do as it comes with the HCG COMPLEX drops. Along with the intake of these drops, you need to keep control on your regular diet as well as no over-eating is allowed. At first HCG, was only available in injections as prescribed by the doctors. But as the days passed HCG drops have also been introduced that can help people reduce weight in the safest way. HCG helps in controlling your hunger which ultimately lessens your weight.

The HCG Weight Loss Diet

Every bottle of the HCG Drops are for fifteen days of usage. You can either purchase a single bottle for fifteen days, two bottles for a month or four bottles for two months.

Expectations of the HCG Diet Routine

During the days of your HCG drop consumption you will notice some changes. With every day, there will be different changes which are discussed below:

First Two Days

During the first two days of your diet routine the daily meals should be taken in limits. No over-eating is allowed. This is the most essential thing to do as it is the first step towards weight loss. Through this HCG penetrates inside the body and lessens your appetite which ultimately reduces hunger. 25 drops are to be taken before every meal.


Third till Fifteenth Day and More

When you reach the third day of the diet with drops, the prescribed program should be followed without any distraction. Only consume the food that is required on the diet plan otherwise additional weight might be induced. Continue consuming 25 drops before every meal which will be ½ to ¾ from a dropper.

Post HCG Program Weight Loss

Just when your HCG diet is completed, sugar consumption is totally banned at least for two to three weeks. You cannot have cereals, potatoes or any sweet stuff. After the third week, you can gradually add sugar to your meals. Exercising is also included in the diet plan which is recommended at least three times in a week. Exercising will become easier when you will have a smart body. During this time when you add in the starches and the sugars you need to weigh yourself every day and see if additional weight gain is observed then you would have to quit the consumption of sugars and starches.

What You Need to Eat?

Only three meals are allowed in a day.

Breakfast– Half cup of milk with only cereals such as Special K, Cheerios or Total, a 40 calorie sliced toast with one egg.

Lunch– A cup of non-fat cottage cheese, cooked raw vegetables, cup of fruits only from the list provided and 5 oz. protein from the list.

Dinner– A cup of non-fat cottage cheese, cooked raw vegetables, cup of fruits only from the list provided and 5 oz. protein from the list.

List of Things Allowed to Eat

Following is the list of the proteins, fruits and vegies that can be used in the HCG diet:

  • Fruits

Peaches, oranges, apples, plums, blueberries, cantaloupe, raspberries, nectarines, pears, strawberries and grapefruit.

  • Vegetables

Cabbage, dill pickles, greens, celery, Brussel, tomato, onions, mushrooms, radishes, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, sprouts, carrots, green beans, spinach, asparagus, bean sprouts and bell peppers.buynow-orange


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