hCG Injections

hCG Injections are the Gold Standard form of hCG and considered superior to sublingual drops or pellets. Though there are advocates of all forms of hCG including raving fans of sublingual hCG, hCG injections were the master protocol recommended by Dr. Simeons in Pounds & Inches. Some physicians expert patients to visit their office to find the injections. However, DIY hCG injections are common place.Hcg injections 5000 iu, hcg injections in pregnancy.

Preparing the Solution

If you are doing self injections your pharmacy will provide hCG in a powdered form in a little glass vial with a rubber cap. A second similar vial is provided which contains a solvent for the powdered hCG. This solvent is basically a medical grade sterile saline solvent.

While the powder and solvent are kept in separate vials the mix is considered unconstituted and is stable, which means the vials do not need to be refrigerated. However, after the powdered hCG is mixed with the solvent the mixture is thus constituted. After constitution the hCG is far less stable and may only be kept at room temperature for two or three days. Therefore it is important to keep the hCG refrigerated after it has been constituted (with the powder and solvent mixed together in a single vial). As with any medication it’s important to confirm that your pharmacy has provided hCG with a clear expiration date.

Self Injections

If hCG injections are administered properly they can be completely painless and with little or no tissue reaction. As with any injection it is possible to experience bruising, tingling, redness, pain on injection.

When administering the self injection it is important to avoid leaving a vacuum in the vial of hCG. Otherwise it’s possible that that the alcohol from the wipe used to sterilize the rubber cap can be drawn into the solvent. To avoid creating a vacuum simply draw air into the syringe before inserting the needle into the vial, then lower the plunger on the syringe to inject the air into the vial. Then remove that same amount of hCG solvent from the vial. For example, draw 25 cc of air into the syringe, then injection 25 cc of air into the vial before withdrawing 25 cc of hCG solvent from the vial.

You might see little specks of sediment in the vial. This is usually a little piece of the vial’s rubber cap that was punched through by the needle. These specks will settle to the bottom of the vial and are easy to avoid when withdrawing the hCG solvent into the syringe.discount-coupon-copy

Treatment can be continued in the presence of abscesses, suppuration, large infected wounds and major fractures. Even major medical procedures such as surgery and general anesthesia are usually no reason to stop as long as a Dr. has been consulted and assured the patient they may continue the hCG injections. Acne or boils are no contraindication. In fact acne often clears up with the continued use of hCG injections, and boils comes to an end.READ MORE


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