Taking vitamins on the HCG diet

Taking Vitamins while on the HCG Diet

We always recommend that you consult your doctor before adding any new accessory to your HCG diet. While on the HCG diet, you may take a B12 or B-complex supplement. This will help boost your power, keep your nervous system goodly, aids with good digestion, along with helping to keep your hair, skin and nails goodly.  You’ll want to avoid taking oily accessory such as fish oil, along with any fat-soluble vitamins. To get a goodly dose of Omega-3, incorporate fresh fish into you’re your diet. Vitamin D is an crucial vitamin for goodly living. The most effective way, regardless of if your are taking the HCG drops or not, is to get all of your vitamins is to eat a goodly diet full of whole natural foods.

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Do you need vitamins while on the HCG diet?

While on the HCG diet, a lot of citizen have questions in regards to vitamins. Vitamins are not required while on the HCG diet. Below is an excerpt from Dr. Simeon’s manuscript, Pounds and Inches:

Sooner or later most patients express a fear that they may be running out of vitamins or that the restricted diet may make them anemic. On this score the doctor can confidently relieve their arrest by explaining that every time they lose a pound of fatty tissue, which they do almost daily, only the actual fat is burned up; all the vitamins, the proteins, the blood, and the minerals which this tissue contains in abundance are fed back into the body. Actually, a low blood count not due to any serious disorder of the blood forming tissues improves during intervention, and we have never encountered a significant protein deficiency nor signs of a lack of vitamins in patients who are dieting regularly.discount-coupon-copy

Summary of taking vitamins while on the HCG diet

Similar to exercise on the HCG diet, taking vitamins is optional but if one chooses to, it must be allowed on the diet or it could lessen the full results of the HCG diet completely.READ MORE


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